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join the accolo career network


The Career Network is a group of over 2.5 Million people who have utilized Accolo Cloud Recruiting to help them find a good job. By joining, you can be automatically contacted when a job that fits your skills and personality is available for application and makes it easy and fast to apply and keep informed throughout the application process.

Hundreds of companies from large corporations to small companies all use Accolo to find great employees every day – join now and land your dream job.

Fresh out of college or seasoned executive, chances are we’ve got a job that will be a fit for you. Beyond helping you find your next career opportunity, here are a few more reasons to join the Accolo Career Network:



Help a friend!

Not only does the Accolo Career Network give you access to Accolo’s job openings nationwide, it makes it easy for you to help friends that are also looking for employment. Notice a Sales Director job that’s not a fit for you but would be perfect for your Uncle? With the click of your mouse you can send him what may be his next great career opportunity. This could be the best way to get your roommate off the couch, your son out of your basement, or help someone else you know.


Our hiring consultants want you

When you join the Accolo Career Network you will receive updates when we have job openings in your area that may be a fit with your interests and experience. You will be notified by an Accolo Hiring Consultant when we’re looking for candidates like you. Accolo makes it easy for you to find the right opportunity without consistently hunting across multiple job boards for the perfect opportunity!


It should be what you know, not who you know

Networking is consistently cited as the number one way to get the job you want.  Accolo’s online interview gets your foot in the door without a warm introduction.  By answering the job-specific questions built into our online interview, your specific skills, experiences go directly to the hiring manager and the Accolo Hiring Consultant managing the job.  When compared this way, it becomes obvious that an unknown candidate with the perfect background is a better choice than a co-worker’s brother’s cousin who is a “people person.” Ah, the joys of a level playing field.



Have you ever applied for a job and wondered whether your resume was received, let alone glanced at? Accolo ensures that every applicant receives follow up and closure, regardless of the outcome. We regularly receive thank you notes from candidates that didn’t get the job, but appreciate our thoroughness and follow through. Respect is contagious.


Timely follow up

Accolo represents hundreds of companies and interacts with thousands of individuals.  You are not just a “candidate” – you are a potential colleague, investor, customer, referral source and more.  We want to build a relationship with you that lasts decades, and our follow-up and communications reflect that goal.


Accurate job descriptions

Each of our job descriptions and online interviews are crafted after we conduct a detailed profile of the job with the hiring manager.  Not only does that give us a precise picture of what our clients are looking for, it ensures the job is specific and real.  The job descriptions we develop are a personal communication to the right candidate. If you’re the right fit for a job the description won’t be any old job description. It will speak to you and get your adrenaline pumping. You won’t see bulleted lists of what you “must have”—recruiting is a two-way street, and we want to convey why this is the right opportunity for you.


Job Seeker Tools

As a member of the Accolo Career Network you have access to the tools that will help you with your job search from start to finish. Our online community provides you with tips and pointers in the form of webinars, online classes and message boards. From creating an eye catching resume, to acing the interview, to making a lasting impression your first day on the job we want to make sure you have the tools that will help you find success!